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HIPAA Compliance Statement

In order to help customers through the process of compliancy, SC Consultant pledges to:

  • Follow all ongoing HIPAA developments, and their effect on transaction and code sets; privacy;
           and security.
  • Guarantee to maintain HIPAA compliancy within its software.
  • Build in privacy and security features and functions as required for software vendors.
  • Build in privacy and security features and functions into its software that will help customers in
           their compliancy efforts.
  • Implement changes affecting software vendors as they are published.

SC Consultant Services Software generates transactions (format and content/code sets) that are compliant with the HIPAA regulations and has been approved by Medicare/NHIC for submitting generated claims. Services products were developed with HIPAA in mind from the start. As advocates of standards, our products address all of the critical concerns surrounding HIPAA to help you be HIPAA compliant.

  • SC Consultant Services System is designed to enable electronic transactions based on HIPAA standards.
  • SC Consultant Services System is designed using HIPAA privacy standards (as they exist) as a base
           and to exceed them.
  • SC Consultant System uses robust security measures to further ensure patient privacy (going beyond
           the HIPPA regulations as they stand today).